Well I just checked my followers, and it skyrocketed up to 820! So as I promised, I’ll now take a selfie doing absolutely anything… Or any other truth or dare style things you can think of :P


Tumblr’s now deleted every single photo of my self-harm I’ve ever posted, because I “promote self harming behaviours.” What?!

Anonymous asked:

Before I found your blog I didn't know it was possible to care so much about someone I don't know in real life. I love you so much and seeing you suffer makes me cry and wish that I could be there and take away all your pain. Please, please, please stay strong tonight!! Watch a movie, read a book, blog, do whatever it takes to take your mind off things. I love you and I want you to be happy.. / Anna

Thank you so much Anon/Anna! That was so lovely! You can always message me if you want to talk, I’m on tumblr far too often to be healthy ^.^

Anonymous asked:

Your self harm is so superficial it's stupid, and you don't fkin have anorexia- in the pictures u r sucking in. Fuck off back to playing video games u attention seeking rat

Well thank you. That was really lovely to wake up to. See, I don’t make any of this up. It’s all been clinically diagnosed. But hey, if you know better than people with 8 years of medical training, then of course I don’t have mental health issues. I spend pretty much all my time trying to raise awareness of mental health, and supporting people. I’ve saved over 30 peoples lives, and a hell of a lot more from self harm, purging, etc. Now I’ll go back to playing video games. Have a nice day x